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Our Work

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My Garden Development



This is the development stage for what is termed as Garden Art.
Most of the metal art is done and the garden is now in it's early development stage.
In the picture you will notice the main item that is planted with climbing plants to add shape and shape to the metal art. in time they will cover a large potion of the framework whilst a rodi will add depth. 


More to Come

Brief outline.
The garden it's self is under construction, it is split into two segments.
1] the main garden and display area.
2] the veg and flower patch.

The main feature is a constructed motorcycle and i have planted climbers, shurbs and flowers on and around it in the hope that most of the centre piece will be covered in foliage and flowers.
i have also placed other construction around the garden area to add attraction enhanced by an assortment of solar lights and tree stumps to give it more depth.

The rest of the area will be covered with mat forming coverage and grass whilst dotted around will be tomato's, peas, beans, and veg.

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