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Plasma Cut


Plasma Cut metal art enables you to have a varying spectrum of designs used for multiple of reasons around the home or business.

The plasma cut method, [unlike the old days of hacksaws] cuts down the time and delivers a more professional finish to plate designs.

It also means that you can cut out shapes even if your original design in metal is a solid shape to start with and adds to the finished result you can, for instance, have a hanging basket made of metal and cut shapes into it to heighten the finished product.

Solid Metals [New]


New metals give you a nice clean finish and can come in different sized finish's.

The motorcycle for instance's 7 foot long and almost full sized.

for display purposes the new metals are usually the best choice but more expensive.

My own Sculptures

These three pictures show another side of metal art.
The fire place is made out of a free standing shelf unit [cut to pieces] and then re-assembled in a different form.
The fan heater sits on brackets, the base then sits upon a car  roof rack, then a lower shielf was then added with the side sections.
when finished, a row of dolphines on the lower shelf will then be added and more tubing to build up on the framework.
art 3 030.png
As you can see by these two pictures, the fire place is finished and the burn stained sign just needs the metal logo painted.
scrap art is both fun and creative and not just metals.
art 3 029.png

I give this type of scrap metal art a name, burnt metal art.

The items were found as i was out for a walk in what was left of a small fire.

All the items were separate, a deer, a pan lid, a spring and a plastic house plant i found.


i put them together and formed, much as the fire place, an ornament.

after that i applied a coat of varnish.

Scrap art comes in all shapes and sizes and are all termed differently, New, Nearly New, Used, Burnt, Rustic and Scrap it just depends on your creative ideas at the time.

The craftwork comes in all shapes and sizes and depends mostly upon yourself.

With my own form of metal art are two examples, the first is a wagon sidecar designed to represent engineering.

Normally this artwork is made out of wood as the original would be but myself, i prefer metal.

The second is once more a side car with a wheely bin bodywork and a child's pushbike handle bar built for two reasons, one it's fun and second the side car plate is of a new design light and flexible for people that are forced to ride machines on a provisional licences you can lift the side plate just with your own body weight as you ride.

The third is as wooden sign i designed my self to advertise my artwork when finished, it is made out of a coffee table the wood was then stained by a welding hand torch and words and a design attached.

it is not yet finished but it fits the kind of job i do.

But once more, for the best part of this site, most of the work you see is designed by others of which i have no association with and are used for descriptive purposes only.

I was originally trained as a blacksmith many years ago and work from home at the moment with a minimum amount of tools and are partly self tought as a welder only last year using a stick arc welder.

but at the same time hold an nvq vocal in the subject.

If you are interested in trying out metal art and are not professional welds don't be put off, when it comes to the public ensure the item is roped off and you for-fill the laws set down even if you sell the items.

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