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Scrap Metal Art Studio

We Use Real Bike Frames then Wreck them For Art

Art's and Craft

Untitled 1 scrap metal art 1.png

In the video section above, you will see the type of metal art i do in real time.

The project, designed for a driveway patio or garden is still yet to be finished.

Metals and planters have yet to be added along with paint and embossed bodywork.

The metals added are just to aid with the overall effect and finish and never to be a true motorcycle fairing.

I do this type of art as a hobby and for display, but as with many artists im open to offers.

metalwork art scrapmetal

Hi Folk's

Welcome to our page on Metal Art's.

I have my own interest within this field but for the best part, i will display the work by others across the globe

Metal art is about sculptures and designs made from metal's to be used as ornate or display around the home inside and out.

Even as a business you can find a spot to place your sculpture to advertise your business to the hilt.

So browse our site and see what artistic talent and skills our countries hold and boast.

There are persons that do it for fun and others that do it to trade but in both instance's the end result is the same, we are crfted artisists who enjoy our work and are pleased to share this with you.

Henry Deholmes

artist and designer

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